Rapport is a company which discovers new brands 
and delivers trends by connecting the world.

We are growing on the basis of trust and approach 
the world in our own creative ways.


Since harmony creates greater synergies and it makes
the world more valuable, 
we want to trust and cooperate with each other.

A company which goes beyond connections and creates more value.
That is the future which Rapport desires.


1. Relation-Oriented Company

We value trust among our members, business

partners and customers.
Rapport International believes interaction creates

greater synergies.


2. Professional Design Research & Content Production

We conduct research on fresh designs and expression methods.
By our own products planning and local branding,

we try to enlarge mutual interests between our business partners and us.
We keep on creatively challenging to discover valuable brands.


3. Global Business

We discover valuable brandsand

spread them to all over the world.


“We go global through creative challenges based on interaction” 



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